Energy and Sustainabity

Climate Change Discussed in SEC Filings

Talking about Climate Change: What Are Enterprises Saying in Their
SEC filings?

Christine Chou
National Dong Hwa University

Steven O. Kimbrough
University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School

This document introduces our VtP versus VtM distinction (vocabulary to prediction versus vocabulary to meaning).

Values and Climate Change

Recruiting Values for Tough Decisions on Climate Change

by Steven O. Kimbrough

Calls for proactively broadening climate constituencies on particular policies and illustrates how this can be done by broadening the scope of discussion to include factors indirectly associated with climate change policies and programs.

Decision Games

From Decision Analytics to Simulation Games

Steven O. Kimbrough
July 25, 2020

Here’s a little thought piece on how simulation games might be used for finding and exploring climate change deals

Synthetic Baseload and Fuel Price Risk

Synthetic Baseload and Intermediate Decarbonization

Steven Kimbrough and Tate Shafer Proceedings

IEEE ISTAS 2018 (IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society) 2018

Merchant Solar?,
Lyon 2018

“Is There a Business Case for Merchant Solar?”

Steven Kimbrough and Michael McElfresh and Clemens van Dinther

Base Load Generation and Renewable Energy

Is a Transition to Renewable Energy on the Verge of Being Unstoppable?

by Steve Kimbrough and Michael McElfresh (2018)
January 31, 2018

Presented a cases against an ill-conceived Trump Administration initiative motivated to support coal generation. That initiative fail, but the lessons of this little piece from Knowledge@Wharton remain valid and worth keeping in mind.

Dispatchable Solar,
Nice 2017

Discussion Paper: Addressing Intermittency with Dispatchable Solar and Variable Supply Electric Power Services

Steven O. Kimbrough
University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School

Michael McElfresh

Frederic Murphy
Temple University – Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management

John Sullivan-Fedock
University of Pennsylvania

Rooftop Solar PV

Can Adoption of Rooftop Solar Panels Trigger a Utility Death Spiral? A Tale of Two U.S. Cities

Mohammed Muaafa and Iqbal Adjali and Patrick Bean and Rolando Fuentes and Steven O. Kimbrough and Frederic H. Murphy (2017)





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